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Dr. Finkelstein on FOX 32 Chicago Discusses the Truth About Menopause

It’s inevitable, that all women will experience menopause. Dr. Finkelstein defines what menopause actually means, ways to cope and explains if hormone replacement therapy is risky.

Dr. Finkelstein on FOX 32 Chicago Discusses Overactive Bladder

Nearly 30 million women suffer from overactive bladder and urinary leaking. Dr. Finkelstein and FOX 32’s Darlene Hill discuss why it is never normal to leak urine and how this issue can be fixed.

Dr. Finkelstein on FOX 32 Chicago Discusses MonaLisa Touch

Millions of women suffer from vaginal discomfort and painful intercourse. Dr. Finkelstein talks to FOX 32’s Darlene Hill about a natural, painless and FDA approved treatment done at Women’s Healthcare of Illinois

Dr. Finkelstein on FOX 32 Chicago Discusses Hysterectomies

It’s a new year and finally time to discuss having a hysterectomy. Watch Dr. Kenneth Finkelstein’s interview with co-anchor Darlene Hill on Fox 32 Chicago. Dr. Finkelstein sets the record straight on common misconceptions and why women should not put off having it done.

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