Preventative Health Care With Our Women’s Healthcare Nurse Practitioners

Women’s Healthcare of Illinois is here to help women live long and healthy lives. Are you looking to make better health decisions to improve your everyday life?

Our Women’s Healthcare Nurse Practitioners (WHNPs) empower women to make better health decisions and lifestyle changes that help prevent chronic disease and play an important role in preventative health care. Women’s healthcare nurse practitioners train with an emphasis in reproductive and gynecological health needs, and are the primary providers of bedside care for women and newborns. During your appointment, our WHNPs will identify risk factors and discuss poor health outcomes before they become debilitating to your health. Well-woman preventative care services include: regular check-ups, vaccinations against diseases, counseling, and screenings (routine and cancer screenings).

Nurse Practitioners Frequently Asked Questions

What is a Women’s Health Nurse Practitioner?
A women’s health nurse practitioner is a registered nurse (RN) who has an advanced education and clinical experience in women’s healthcare.

Women’s health nurse practitioners receive national certification, peer reviews, clinical outcome evaluations, and adhere to a code for ethical practices. Nurse Practitioners will continue self-directed professional learning development to ensure that professional standards are maintained. Training concentrates on holistic care for individual patients, families, and communities. WHNPs can have expertise in various specialties pertaining to women’s health including: obstetrics, gynecology, urogynecology, gynecologic oncology, infertility, and maternal/fetal medicine.

Who can benefit from seeking preventative care services?
Higher rates of chronic disease are found in racial and ethnic minorities, however, women of all ages, races, ethnicities, and sexual orientations can benefit from preventative care services.

Why should I use a Nurse Practitioner?
Over 870 million visits are made to Nurse Practitioners every year. Women’s health nurse practitioners are more than just providers, they focus on individual women’s health promotion, education, and advocacy. WHNPs also deliver high-quality services at lower health care costs.

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